SARASOTA COUNTY – Today is National Pickleball Day!

“It’s an easy sport to get started in,” says Director of Marketing of the Pickleball Club, Nova Grande.

“But whether you are a beginner or an advanced player to get started you just need a ball, a net, and some friends and you’re ready to get going,” says Grande.

To celebrate National Pickleball Day, the Pickle Ball Club of Sarasota is showing the Suncoast the art of the sport.

“We’re going to allow them to feel what it’s like with the ball on the paddle, how it feels to actually hit the stroke over the net with the ball so that they could kind of feel that dynamic movement on the ball over the net and see if it’s something they’d like to try out and play for more,” said Grande.

The club donated a portable pickle ball set to the Venice Fire Department, through their Play for Life foundation which have donated 10 portable pickle ball sets to several locations throughout the Suncoast.

“We have donated to schools, youth programs, veterans and first responders,” said Executive Director of the Play for Life Foundation & Co-Founder of the Pickleball Club, Valerie McCarthy.

“It allows us to become physically fit as well as strengthening our mental state, as far as post-traumatic stress, de briefing and it really give the firefighters after hours to decompress,” said Venice Fire Rescue Chief, Frank Giddens.

The Pickleball club team also stopped by the Senior Friendship center to talk about wellness.

“It’s not always as easy for seniors to move around, yet pickle ball is an attractive sport for them because you don’t have to do that so much, how do we do that safely, how do we do that with pickle ball, that’s what we’re talking about here today,” said Grande.

The Pickleball Club’s new private indoor club will open this winter in Lakewood Ranch, for more information you can visit their website here. 

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