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Why join?

The Pickleball Club is just that – a club that provides a private experience for our members with outstanding amenities and opportunities for social and recreational enjoyment in an air-conditioned state-of-the-art sports facility.

A fun and healthy retreat for members and their guests

You’ll feel what makes us special the moment you walk in our door and greeted by our concierge. We’re not just your typical fitness studio or gym. Our mantra is to provide an outstanding experience in our amenity filled facilities.  Our clubs are more than just about pickleball. We provide a context and a forum for members to enjoy the socialization in and around the sport that we all love. Of course everyone will enjoy our tournament grade pickleball courts and luxurious locker rooms, but they will also have ample opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones at our outdoor activity center, on the mezzanine and by the café.   Membership is open to everyone, from beginners to 5.0 players.   We are here to support your lifestyle and your love of life.

Where do I join?

We are currently under construction on our first club in Lakewood Ranch, 3 under development in Port Saint Lucie, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, with 15 planned across the state of Florida.

How do I join?

Currently we are accepting members to our Lakewood Ranch location.


As the only indoor dedicated pickleball facility in Sarasota, we will offer a variety of outstanding activities for you and your friends to enjoy. Our private club experience includes daily opportunities for social and recreational engagement. You’ll feel what makes us special the moment you walk in our door. We invite you to take a tour and explore how membership will enhance your Sarasota lifestyle.

“Open Play” means that all players, of any skill level, are invited to play at a set time and set day. This does allow players to come and go as they please without setting up a game in advance.  The disadvantage to “Open Play is often the large number of players that show up. 36 players may show up for 3 courts. That leads to excessive wait times. Play one game and wait out 2 before you play again. The other disadvantage is you are required to play with all different skill levels.

At The Pickleball Club we register our open Play members to minimize wait time and designate courts by skill level. This addresses the two most common issues with Open Play.

Our marketing study identified “wait time” as a principal objection to the current play environment. As a member, you will be able to reserve a court to receive personal instruction; or to play with friends; or to play competitively with those at your skill level. Whether it's 6:00 am in the morning or 9:00 pm at night – courts can be reserved at the desk, phone, web site or app.

Sarasota has cadre of professional instructors and we have the best available at all levels of play. Our professional instructors can tailor a program to your needs - from individual instruction to clinics to Pickleball Club University’s four-stage development curriculum. How does one improve quickly? Professional training! Whichever program you select your instructor will analyze your play and give you the knowledge and tools to become a better player. Group or clinics are a cost effective way of improving your skills and meeting your fellow club members. Clinics will typically range from 3 – 8 players. Clinics will be held every week throughout the year. We plan on bringing in guest instructors from throughout the United States and Canada... all to enhance your play.

We plan on holding regional tournaments throughout the year, all in the comfort of our indoor climate-controlled facility. We have established the Pickleball Club Academy to train those wishing to play competitively.  They practice throughout the week and compete at our events and others around the state representing the Pickleball Club... showcasing their play and sportsmanship throughout the pickleball community.

We are enthusiastic about the youth programs we are developing in conjunction with the Sarasota & Manatee School systems. We are looking at programs for elementary, middle and high school students. We also believe we can play a unique role in assisting home-schooled students to satisfy their athletic requirements. We are developing educational materials to assist youth players in learning more about the sport of pickleball. Our 501c3 foundation the Play for Life Foundation is donating the equipment to those schools expressing an interest in integrating pickleball into their athletic curriculum. A kit contains 3 nets, paddles, balls and instructional material. Our pros volunteer to go to the schools to train the trainers.

The Pickleball Club is owned and operated by a retired 30-year combat veteran. He has been active in the Sarasota/Manatee communities as a past president of the Military Officers Association of Sarasota and the executive director of the Sarasota Military Officers Foundation. He was Chairman on the Advisory Council for United Way Suncoast’s Mission United and in conjunction with the Pops Orchestra organized numerous veteran performances at Patriot Plaza., Riverview High School and the Neel Performing Arts Center at SCF. He is also a graduate of Sarasota County Civilian Law Enforcement Academy. Our veterans and first responders have given much for the love of our nation and community. Our gratitude is best expressed in action – the reason we have developed programs specifically for these amazing men and women.

Weekly leagues will be available at your skill level in 10-week sessions… all year long. Each league is based on your skill level, so you will always be challenged at the level that is right for you.

Connecting people is at the heart of The Pickleball Club, which is why our first priority is creating a robust and diversified social calendar. You’ll find a variety of food and wine events, athletic activities, social gatherings, and holiday celebrations. The Club’s Social Committee is filled with some of the brightest lights in our membership. Their job is to gather ideas from members for the wide variety of events offered each month. Food Truck-to-table, community court-side dining, inspired dinners, jazz brunches and the occasional gala are just a sampling of our offerings.

Our flooring is being installed by MOR-SPORTS. Designed for competition and comfort. It is a premium 100% acrylic cushioned sports surfacing system. It reduces player fatigue by force reduction. ITF3 rated AcryCushion is composed of 3 layers of medium cushion and 3 layers of small cushion, providing a standard cushion surface depth of approximately 3.5 mm.

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