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Indoor pickleball is coming to Sarasota

Learn more about our first location:

The Pickleball Club @ Lakewood Ranch

Excercise, enjoy a freshly made smoothie from our Non-Volley Zone organic juice bar, grab a bite at the Food Truck Alley or browse the Pro Shop. Whether you’re going to challenge your friends to a few games of pickleball or watch your kids take a lesson over a cappuccino from our organic coffee bar, The Pickleball Club will be a refreshing venue for fun, fitness and community.


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Why Indoor Pickleball?

Sarasota is ideal for an indoor pickleball facility. As in all of Florida, rain, heat, wind, insects, and humidity frequently disrupt the opportunity to play outdoor sports. The Pickleball Club will be a brand-new healthy living, fitness complex featuring 12 indoor pickleball courts with an outdoor surface, constantly rotating "Food Truck Alley", organic juice bar, permanent nets, and HEPA filtered air-conditioned environment - perfect for avoiding those harmful UV rays. 


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Joe Capuano

Pickleball Sarasota Sarasota, FL

What our area needs is an indoor pickleball facility!


Courtney Miles
Pickleball Pro Naples, FL

Nothing better than to get out of the weather to play and instruct


Dominic Catalano

Pickleball Consultant / Pro Sarasota, FL

An Indoor Facility of this caliber will be a welcomed asset not only to Sarasota but to the entire sport of pickleball