Indoor pickleball is coming to Sarasota

Play great pickleball, enjoy a freshly made juice smoothie from our Non-Volley Zone juice bar, grab a bite at the Food Truck Alley or browse the Pro Shop. Whether you’re going to challenge your friends to a few games of pickleball or watch your kids take a lesson over a cappuccino from our organic coffee bar, The Pickleball Club of Sarasota will be a refreshing venue for fun, fitness and community.


The Pickleball Club of Sarasota will be a brand-new healthy living, fitness complex. It will be a fun, casual environment, with constantly rotating out Food Truck Fare. 12 pickleball courts with outdoor surface and permanent nets.  All indoor, with no exposure to those harmful UV rays, in HEPA filtered air conditioning.


Tournaments, Leagues, Teams, lessons and a Youth Academy will be available for you and your friends to catch your favorite game. Member’s will also have the luxury of our beautiful lounge area making returning calls or emails easy and relaxing.  Bathroom and shower facilities will also be on site for our member’s convenience. 


Why indoor pickleball in Sarasota?  


Sarasota is ideal for an indoor pickleball facility. As in all of Florida, rain, heat, wind, insects and humidity frequently disrupt the opportunity to play outdoor sports. Sarasota receives 56 inches of rain a year, compared to US national average of 38!  Not to mention, for half of the year, high temperatures and humidity affects the desirability and safety of outdoor play for at least part of the day, and from April to October, the average high temperature exceeds 85 degrees, and from June to September, the high is 90 or above (83 days per year).  As beautiful as Sarasota is, most times are just not ideal for healthy, relaxing, pickleball play.  The Pickleball Club of Sarasota, has the solution!


What is pickleball?

Joe Capuano, Pickleball Sarasota - Sarasota FL

Courtney Miles, Pickleball Pro - Naples, FL

Dominic Catalano, Pickleball Consultant/Pro - Sarasota, FL

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