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the pickleball club

About The Pickleball Club

We knew there had to be a better way. Some of the best pickleball in the country is right here in beautiful Southwest Florida. Unfortunately, so is the intense sun, heat, insects, wind, rain and humidity, often making play less comfortable, impossible or dangerous. Our first location is in Lakewood Ranch and expected to open in Spring 2023. 


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Why Indoor Pickleball?

Sarasota is ideal for an indoor pickleball facility. As in all of Florida, rain, heat, wind, insects, and humidity frequently disrupt the opportunity to play outdoor sports. The Pickleball Club will be a brand-new healthy living, fitness complex featuring 12 indoor pickleball courts with a tournament-level outdoor surface, an outdoor activity center, constantly rotating “Food Truck Alley“, Pickles Café, Dink’s Pro Shop, permanent nets, and HEPA filtered air-conditioned environment – perfect for avoiding those harmful UV rays.

the pickleball club

Our Testimonials

Organized play and the social aspect of getting to know players on and off the court in different settings is what drew me to joining The Pickleball Club. The biggest advantage is no more wind, summer heat and constant rainy afternoons… playing in consistent, optimal conditions is priceless.

Jenn Breyfogle

I've been playing pickleball for about three years now. I was invited to join the Sarasota Pickleball Club which was very exciting since I knew how one could improve being part of a club. I belonged to a club during my volleyball days so I understood how important it is to have the flexibility to play anytime and to be part of a community that made it easy to find players at my level. Indoor facilities eliminate the limitations of weather and have allowed me to play more often. It has become my second home, where I have a place to dine, relax, socialize, and belong to a wonderful community of people who love the game as much as I do. I didn’t think twice about becoming a member was their experienced staff. Dominic, and the administration are pleasant, professional, and they pay attention to detail in a way I expect from a club.

Lily Portal

I don't have the opportunity to play indoors very often… but you are guaranteed play don’t have to worry about the rain, which occurs everyday in Florida! Also, can we just say, Air Conditioning!! Outdoor play gets hot!

Leslie Bernard Gamma Senior Pro

Indoor play is great because you know you’ll have a court at the time you reserve, don’t have to worry about the weather ruining your plans and will be able to get in a good workout without any variables like wind or sun in your eyes on one side.

Linda Thompson Selkirk Senior Pro
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